The Secret of My Success

My 10-year high school reunion was this past weekend, which officially ushers me into my twilight years. The only good news is that I think I can access my 401(k) now.

I attended the casual meet-and-greet part of the reunion weekend on Friday, which was a lot more fun than I thought it might be. I'm just glad everyone wore name tags. Of course, once it got dark, I couldn't read them. Still, I had only two or three awkward moments when a former classmate addressed me as "Kenley" and I just called him "man."

Unfortunately, I had to miss the real blowout party Saturday. So I sent my brother Logan as my proxy. People confuse us all the time, so I figured most of my former classmates wouldn't even notice--until, you know, he pissed on the entrees, blew smoke into a teacher's eye or spewed profanities in front of small children. That would probably be a giveaway.

Apparently, I was voted "Most Changed" at this party I didn't attend. I can't figure out whether that's a good thing or a horrible thing. I mean, my senior superlative in high school was "Most Likely to Succeed," so maybe everyone changed their minds.

I guess I have indeed changed. Not so much physically, although I did have more hair back then. Maybe balding men will never be very likely to succeed at anything.

I'm certainly not the person I was 10 years ago, and while I'd like to think it's all been forward progress, who really knows? I've had my moments of backsliding. It's an ambiguous honor.

But then, it's a gray world.

"Most Changed," huh? I kinda like it.

Original MySpace post: 6/18/2007

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