What They're Saying

"'Seneca Guns' brings a slick, modern-rock sound to the more traditional singer-songwriter style, with a handful of standout tracks emerging from the diverse influences you find buried in this record. 'No Good to Me in Pieces' broods and builds to a chorus that turns dissonance into something you can sing along to. "Duessa" is a smooth ballad, with horns that hammer home the vibe and package the song in an appropriately romantic fashion. "New Lows" mixes two things Kenley Young does best -- emotional melodies and a high-energy chorus -- resulting in the catchiest of his heavier tunes on the album. "In Front of the Choir" is the right choice for the closing track, a low-key exit piece with those romantic horns returning to the scene of the crime. WIth talk of lies and confessions, this song about the change that comes with both age and growth is the rawest, and arguably the best song on the album."
--Michael Spawn, Jasper Magazine

 "'Seneca Guns' ... [has] a commercial viability to it that you might hear on the radio. The album is full of palatable melodies which are easy on the ears and that would be embraced by a large demographic rather than a niche. [Kenley's] lyrics are poetic and ambiguous. ... ['Seneca Guns'] displays solid songwriting and delivery. Recommended." 
-- Jamie Funk, Divide and Conquer blog



"Mia's Field," the lead track from "Seneca Guns," was chosen for inclusion on New Indie Daily's November showcase, Vol. XIV. 
--New Indie Daily blog