All Dogs Go to Heaven

“You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.” -- Robert Louis Stevenson

For canine lovers, the words “I’m not a dog person” are confounding.

Yes, they’re hairy. Yes, they stink. No, they don’t speak English, so yes, they might eat your shoes.

But in exchange, they offer something infinitely more valuable: their love and devotion--steadfast, unconditional and more rewarding than any pair of Jimmy Choos.

That’s because a dog's sense of loyalty is stronger than his sense of survival. Outside of bare essentials such as food, water and chew toys, there is nothing more important to a canine than his master.

Wherefore this loyalty? What have we done to deserve it?

Nothing. But then, we are not like our dogs:

A dog has no concept of mortality or death. For all he knows, he will live forever.

So he has no reason to lie, cheat, seek revenge, be petty or in any way cover his own tail. He doesn't know what that means, and it is not in his interest anyway.

Nor do dogs hate. They can be taught to be cruel and vicious, but love is the only emotion they are both with, and trust is their natural inclination.

And a dog is always--always--happy to see his master return home, even when his master is not happy to be returning.

How unlike our dogs we are.

And yet it will never faze a canine that is loved, respected and well cared for. He is content as a matter of course. And, ever eager to please, he will do whatever he can to fetch happiness for his master.

All dogs go to heaven. There can be no doubt.

Revised from original MySpace post: 1/21/2007

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