From the recording Seneca Guns

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Once, I was mighty--such a specimen to look on.
Things most would struggle with came easily to me.
I took it like a man would, and I took it without asking--
Made believers out of those who’d disagree.

I’ve lost my composure--
Can’t keep it all together.
I feel it slipping right through my hands.

I lost my mates to punk rock, and I chalked it up as childish.
At 28, I’m on the path I ran from at 16.
I lost all my grounds to their weak wills and base temptations,
But next to all my foolishness, they’re clean.

I’m in front of the choir,
And I’ve never confessed
That, at best, I’m a liar--
But the absolute best.

I’m in front of the choir,
And I’ve never confessed.
Go ahead, kick the tires.
I’m at my best.