1. Signal

From the recording Seneca Guns

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Don’t you suppose some eyebrows rose?
You had a past and I don’t look for those.
Word where we are works way too fast.
When it became fortune and fame--
Once I discovered how to govern lame--
My crime was I’m not built to last.

You can’t sit still; you’ve gone too far.
Is it that much better where you are?
Why is my signal breaking up?
So when I try, when I begin,
Tell me what a fool I’ve been,
And I’ll wake up.

And being clever never charms,
Once I know his highness won’t be harmed.
And now it’s all yesterday’s news.
Tearing the skin is only cruel
If you don’t use the very sharpest tools--
Just out of reach and out of view.

When you leave these things to me
And smaller wheels of industry,
You find out quickly you were wrong
To put things back where they belong.

We both should take a solemn oath
When wishing makes it hard to stay afloat--
If there are even wishes to fulfill.
Each myth I grew up with came true,
And we saw the damage they can do,
But I’m the only one who’s standing still.