I Was a Blockbuster Video Clerk for Halloween

And to anyone who isn't me, that costume must sound incredibly lame. Borderline idiotic, even. But in any case utterly and completely unscary.

But to me, that Blockbuster uniform remains the most frightening costume I can conjure. It represents… Read more

Color Me Star-Struck

Something pretty surreal happened to me last night at our Delaney's gig. We were in the final stages of our final set, when a drunken patron ambled up to the stage and said he'd pay me $50 if I let…Read more

Lyrical Pet Peeve

Since when did the word "say" start rhyming with the word "me"?

I couldn't possibly start naming all the songs in which this relatively recent phenomenon--The Great Vowel Shift--occurs, as I would be here all night.

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Thoughts on 9/11

(While this piece primarily represents my own views and experiences, I
also cobbled it together with help from Garrison Keillor*,**, Hal Crowther*** and other sources. Most of the
words are my own, but I borrowed a…Read more