Your favorite band name (goes here)

I feel like I'm pretty decent at bestowing song titles and album names. But I've never been very good at coming up with band names.

The best ones seem to have sprung up organically, or as inside jokes, or as…


60 of my favorite songs about L.A./California

Let me say first that this was a vexing, taxing enterprise -- not because there aren't enough songs about Southern California; God knows there are a gracious plenty, and L.A. may own the record. There just aren't, in my opinion…


My 100-song 'Welcome to the Planet' playlist

When my son was born two-and-a-half years ago, I created a playlist of songs/artists that I thought he should be familiar with. And since the birth of our daughter two weeks ago, I've recently been re-exploring that list, just to…

Golden Smog: Los Angeles at a glance

I preface this with the wise words of Sam Elliott’s character in “The Big Lebowski”:

“They call Los Angeles the city of angels. I didn’t find it to be that exactly. Although I’ll allow there are some nice folks…

Looking California, Feeling Soda City

Big news from the Young household, friends!

No, I'm not pregnant. But Shelley and I are taking a big step nonetheless.

Last week, I accepted a job in Los Angeles, as a copy chief at…


Marriage for all Americans

As a newly minted husband, I accept that I’ve got a lot to learn. In fact, my wife keeps a list.

She keeps several, actually, but I don’t mind. And I’ll even let you in on a little secret--I love…

Alvin and the Chumpmunks

Yes, Alvin Greene's victory in the S.C. Democratic primary for U.S. Senate is embarrassing. But if you ask me, it's much ado about nothing. It doesn't really matter in the end.

Does anyone think Vic Rawl, his opponent in…

The Island Isn't Through With Us Yet

Even in death, "Lost" may still manage to confound fans, frustrate critics, obfuscate truths, and just generally flip us all the bird.

The Associated Press reports that a satellite known as Galaxy 15, recently damaged in a solar storm,…

I Miss My Cat

Beatles or Stones? Ford or Chevy? Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair?

They say you have to pick a side, and when it comes to the dog-vs.-cat debate, I've always found myself squarely in the canine corner.

Dogs have…

Hope Floats ... Like Our Turd of a Season

Words do no justice in describing what it's like being a Gamecocks sports fan.

There's just no succinct term that encompasses our full gamut of experience--heart-wrenching dejection; colossal and congenital disappointment; intractable futility; fortunes that are so ridiculously star-crossed as…


Remove the flag

Three months ago I was vacationing on the coast of my home state, enjoying one of the simple yet too-often-overlooked pleasures of living in South Carolina--its bucolic, bountiful, accessible beaches.

My first stop was in Charleston, which--let’s face it--is my…