Color Me Star-Struck

Something pretty surreal happened to me last night at our Delaney's gig. We were in the final stages of our final set, when a drunken patron ambled up to the stage and said he'd pay me $50 if I let him get on stage to sing "Betterman," by Pearl Jam.

No matter that we'd already played that song earlier. For $50, I'll let pretty much anybody have the stage, and I'll even sing backup.

Well, I wasn't really prepared for just how horrible this rendition would be. Patrick and I struggled just to keep up with him because he didn't really seem to grasp the whole verse/chorus/verse/chorus thing.

Anyway, the song mercifully ended, and he let out a few more unsolicited Eddie Vedder-like yelps and screams. And then he left the stage.

Only after we had finished playing for the night did I find out the truth: This drunken patron is a co-star in the Kevin Bacon flick "Death Sentence" that's filming right here in Columbia. Before this film, his biggest role so far was starring opposite Mark Wahlberg in "Four Brothers," directed by John Singleton.

Just to check things out for myself, I asked the guy for his name, and he told me it was Garrett. Armed with this knowledge, I visited Internet Movie Database ( and, sure enough, I found him. Check the link below:

So Garrett, if you ever happen to find this posting while Googling yourself, I just want to thank you for giving me a brush with stardom in little ol' Columbia, South Cackalacky. It was a pleasure, and you seemed very nice and down to earth. Hollywood could use more people like you. Come by and sing with us any time you want while you're in town.

But, technically, you do still owe me $50.

Original MySpace post: 9/25/2006

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